Big Ben overlooking the Thames

Houses of Parliament and the London Eye

My Dad has a keen interest in politics and had never visited the Houses of Parliament before. He was up in London to look at my new flat (and gave his seal of approval) so we decided to take the tour. We didn’t realise the tour only runs on the weekend and during recess but could watch a debate on cancer care. Here I was at the heart of democracy and in the very place where the laws of the land are made, where scandals and secrets of outrageous proportions are hushed up and where a king was nearly blown skywards.

On the way to debate we passed through St Stephen’s Hall where the House of Commons used to sit until a fire destroyed the royal chapel in 1834. It’s around the same size of the original chapel (29mx9m) and a lot smaller than the current Chamber where the debates are held. After this point, I wasn’t allowed to take any photos. The general public can come and go as they please and it’s free. We stayed for about an hour.

We rounded off the day with a trip to the London Eye. It’s one of those things to do when in London – I’d been before but not at night. It takes about 30 mins. As we went on a very cold Thursday neither the Houses of Parliament nor the London Eye were very busy so we didn’t have to queue for very long. Our capsule for the Eye wasn’t very full either which meant we had space to walk around (apart from the young Spanish couple snogging heavily which ruined the view a bit).

On a side note – don’t forget to register to vote. We have a collective chance to get our voices heard.

Photos taken on my Lumix GX 7.

necklace on grey high heel shoe

‘Tis the Cat’s Pyjamas

I spent last night creating my very own necklace for a 1920s party I’m throwing at the end of the month. I’ve always been interested in making my own jewellery but didn’t really know where to start. My Great Gatsby/prohibition party gave me a theme to work with.

Although very simple, I’m very pleased with my necklace. So much so, I thought about having a go with some product photography. I shot it next to my bedroom window to try to get as much light as possible. I also experiment with some off-camera flash to try to catch the colours of the iridescent beads.

What do you think?

Right, now this post is finished, time to grab a cup of noodle juice and finish off my headband so toodle pip for now. Before I go, I found a vid of some amazing Lindy Hop. Oh to be able to dance like that…