Making the world a little colder… and wetter

Currently I’m hot footing it back from Sussex-by-the-Sea back to London before the storm of St Jude hits.  I thought I’d share some photos of Bexhill:






Southbank with the London Eye in the background

A nighttime walk around London

I went on an impromptu walk around London’s most famous sights. I loved walking around at night. I don’t know if it’s because there was less people, the way that the bright, unnatural lights lit up the buildings, or simply because I had great company, but there was something about nighttime London that I loved.

Photos taken with the Galaxy S4.

Picture of St Paul's Cathedral, the Shard and London city from the Millennium Bridge walking to Southbank

Galaxy S4 – thnks fr th Mmrs

Lately, I have  been obsessed with Fall Out Boy’s newest album, Save Rock and Roll, and new toy – the Galaxy S4. I am terrible. I am that person who whips out the phone to snap my food or try to do the ‘arty’ shot so I can upload to Facebook and Twitter. As my dear friend keeps saying – if you don’t photograph it, how do you know it happened?’

I know I’m a bit late to the whole  camera photography, but my previous phone didn’t inspire me to use it. Now that I have my shiny new S4, this month will be dedicated to camera phone photography.

Picture of St Paul's Cathedral and London from the Millennium Bridge walking to Southbank
View from the Millennium Bridge

The above photo is one of my favourite views in London. I can’t help but snap it every time I walk over Millennium Bridge to Southbank (another one of my favourite haunts). I have daytime shots, nighttime shots, evening shots… There’s nothing more to this photo than the fact I love this view and which was taken with my phone camera.

My obsession with Fall Out Boy and phone photography are not related but to my little Galaxy S4 (which is too big for my small lady hands), this I say to you – thnks fr the Mmrs:

A jaunt to Kew Gardens

I miss my garden. Living in a flat in London means I don’t have the opportunity to potter among plants. Having realised how close Kew Gardens was to me, I boarded the tube and spent the day wandering around.

For an extra four quid, I took the hop-on and hop-off train. As it included commentary, it was a good way of finding out the history of Kew as well as seeing different parts of the botanical garden that I might not get to.

I enjoyed their latest exhibition, the IncrEdibles. As the title suggests, it’s about different types of (surprising) edible plants, where they tend of grow and what you can use them for. (I once tried making lavender shortbread to add a bit of excitement. It was an experiment that I won’t be doing again.)

Kew is a lovely place to hang around if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of London. There’s plenty of space for the kids to roam around or to be inspired if you’re a keen gardener.