Sausage dog looking guilty

The Fred walk

Meet Fred. He’s a five-year old Dachshund belonging to my boyfriend’s sister. I’d thought I’d harass him with my new camera while we took him for a walk around Willen Lake over in Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes, known locally as MK, was designated a new town in 1967 and was built to relieve the housing shortage in London. Unusually for a town, MK is built in a grid format and is famous for having lots and lots of roundabouts. Willen Lake is the town’s most popular park and you can find many a dog walker strolling around the lake.

The Peace Pagoda (pictured) was the first to be built in the Western Hemisphere back in the 1980s. It houses sacred relics of Buddha given by Nepal, Sri Lanka and Berlin. It stands alone on the brow of a hill, surrounded by cherry trees and cedars in remembrance of the victims of past wars.

I was really surprised to see the Peace Pagoda. I’ve visited a few when I was on my travels and had no idea there was one about an hour away from London.

I hope you enjoy the photos of the dog. As a cat person myself, I do find Fred very cute.

Camera: Cannon 5D Mark II. Lens: 24-105mm

Emperor tamarin drinking

A day out at the zoo

I’d only been to London Zoo once before. It was for Zoo Lates. I turned up very, very late. So late in fact that most of the animals had gone to bed. All I managed see were the penguins. When a friend of mine suggested we should go to zoo, I jumped at the chance at trying to shoot the animals. I made the rookie mistake of not charging my battery which promptly ran the butterfly enclosure and alas, I did not have a spare. I did, however, have my Samsung phone and with a bit of Instagram magic; ta-da:

As an animal lover, I have mixed feelings about zoos. On one hand, I much prefer them in the wild, however, zoos can be the only place where we can conserve them and rescue those back from the brink of extinction. It is believed that between 0.01 and 0.1% of all species will become extinct each year. Although this may not seem a lot, we all depend on the world around us to survive. For example, if krill (tiny crustaceans that whales and penguins eat) were to become extinct then the animals which the krill support will die, and so it goes up the food chain. Add climate change and the destruction of habitats, we are now on the verge of the sixth extinction crisis.

London Zoo, like may zoos across the world, run conservation programmes to protect and preserve many of our endangered species. This is why I didn’t have a problem going to this zoo. Not only do they show the animal kingdom to us in a way so we don’t become tiger food, they teach us about the destruction we are creating and the steps we can take to limit this.





Cat and acrylic pendant

Syd the cat

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I haven’t taken any photos of note. I’ve dug back into my archives and found these pictures of my mother’s cat – the adorable but ferocious little madam that is Syd.

My mother took Syd in when her owner went back to Australia. A very loved pet, the owner wanted to make sure that Syd was going to be well-looked after. She couldn’t have picked a more giving person. That cat is spoilt! But we all love her even if she can’t use the cat flap to get back into the house (much preferring to sit outside in all weathers until someone i.e my mother opens the back door), screeches at other cats, yet placidly looks at seagulls and only goes out when it’s dark.

Photos taken on my Lumix GX 7.

Female cat relaxing next to its scratching post

Say hello to Syd

I just wanted to show off the newest addition to our family – Syd.


Syd is an eight year-old hybrid of Bengal and bog standard cat. We acquired her a few days ago after her family emigrated to Australia and sadly couldn’t take her with them.

She is a sweet little thing although I’m not sure about the nose biting when I wake up.

Photos taken with the iPad and run through Snapseed.