The Fred walk

Meet Fred. He’s a five-year old Dachshund belonging to my boyfriend’s sister. I’d thought I’d harass him with my new camera while we took him for a walk around Willen Lake over in Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes, known locally as MK, was designated a new town in 1967 and was built to relieve the housing shortage in London. Unusually for a town, MK is built in a grid format and is famous for having lots and lots of roundabouts. Willen Lake is the town’s most popular park and you can find many a dog walker strolling around the lake.

The Peace Pagoda (pictured) was the first to be built in the Western Hemisphere back in the 1980s. It houses sacred relics of Buddha given by Nepal, Sri Lanka and Berlin. It stands alone on the brow of a hill, surrounded by cherry trees and cedars in remembrance of the victims of past wars.

I was really surprised to see the Peace Pagoda. I’ve visited a few when I was on my travels and had no idea there was one about an hour away from London.

I hope you enjoy the photos of the dog. As a cat person myself, I do find Fred very cute.

Camera: Cannon 5D Mark II. Lens: 24-105mm


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