necklace on grey high heel shoe

‘Tis the Cat’s Pyjamas

I spent last night creating my very own necklace for a 1920s party I’m throwing at the end of the month. I’ve always been interested in making my own jewellery but didn’t really know where to start. My Great Gatsby/prohibition party gave me a theme to work with.

Although very simple, I’m very pleased with my necklace. So much so, I thought about having a go with some product photography. I shot it next to my bedroom window to try to get as much light as possible. I also experiment with some off-camera flash to try to catch the colours of the iridescent beads.

What do you think?

Right, now this post is finished, time to grab a cup of noodle juice and finish off my headband so toodle pip for now. Before I go, I found a vid of some amazing Lindy Hop. Oh to be able to dance like that…