Making the world a little colder… and wetter

Currently I’m hot footing it back from Sussex-by-the-Sea back to London before the storm of St Jude hits.  I thought I’d share some photos of Bexhill:






Picture of a map and jam sandich

A nighttime cycle from London to Brighton

A few month’s ago I took part in the London to Brighton’s Night Ride for the British Heart Foundation. It’s was the second time that I took part in this event and I love it. Even at 4am and I’m cycling up a hill!

It took me around 7hours to compete,  a mere 60miles down to the coast through the streets of the capital and through the country lanes of Sussex, eventually hitting the hideous Ditching Beacon to enjoy the speedy downhills to the seaside.

Southbank with the London Eye in the background

A nighttime walk around London

I went on an impromptu walk around London’s most famous sights. I loved walking around at night. I don’t know if it’s because there was less people, the way that the bright, unnatural lights lit up the buildings, or simply because I had great company, but there was something about nighttime London that I loved.

Photos taken with the Galaxy S4.

View from the top of the O2 of the city of London

Ping pong on the O2

It’s not everyday that you get the chance to play ping pong on top of the O2. When the email came through, I jumped at the chance. Climbing the O2, ping pong, views of nighttime London… hell yes!

This wasn’t the place to take up my dslr, nor my G12 (not that I was able to take photos while on the climb anyway), so out came the camera phone which, to its credit, didn’t bad job considering I was only using the light available to me.

It was a surreal (and gutting) feeling to know that I was standing on top of the O2 with Fleetwood Mac directly underneath us. That would have been an amazing gig to have gone to.