Random events in London

You stumble across random things in London. That’s what makes it a great city to live in. Something is always happening. Really, I should have my camera with me all the time but I don’t. However, on this particular day, the boyf and I decided to have a photo geek out and make our way over to Covent Garden for a Punch and Judy festival.

This post is not on the Punch and Judy festival.

Instead, I’m posting a couple of photos I took before we finally found it:

Nivea Big Dip

Famous for it’s various creams, lotions and potions, Nivea was asking us ladies to bare all and take the first dip of the summer. As well as us mere mortals taking the plunge, there was a team of synchronised swimmers doing their thing for the crowd.

Women doing a synchronised swim in a tank in Covent Garden
Maybe if I hold this pose the people won’t be able to see me…
Nivea Big Dip at Covent Garden
No-one will ever know that I let one rip…

Meditating at Trafalgar Square

We came across a group of people practising Falun Dafa and is a spiritual discipline using slow movement, moral philosophy and meditation. I have no idea how long this group was here for, but everyone needs a lunch break.

Falun Dafa: A traditional practice to improve physical and spiritual wellbeing
Meditating is hungry business.

Don’t fear, there will be a post on the Punch and Judy festival soon.


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