Des fleurs

I do love macro shots and wish I had a dedicated lens. Alas, I can’t afford one, but I got given this wide angle and macro lens adapter for a Christmas present a couple of years ago. I love, love, love it. Plus, I got a free dinosaur.

Here’s some flower shots using said lens to brighten up your day.

Daisy the dog

It’s snow fun down at Wimbledon Common

There’s something about snow on a ‘school day’ that brings out the child out in me. My flatmate just so happened to have taken the day off yesterday, so we decided to go play in the white stuff over at Wimbledon Common (of Wombles fame). We weren’t the only one. Dog walkers and their canines were out in force, as were the runners and children with their sledges. Being the children that we are, we built a family of snowmen on a park bench. Minutes later, a snowball fight ensued.

A note on the last picture. We came across the sign ‘What happened to Shergar? Tesco!’ which is a cheeky slight to the horse burger fiasco. What a mare of a situation. It reminded me of this Father Ted scene:

I wanted to include puns in this post, but decided against it. There’s snow place for them on here.

sex appeal perfume

Sex appeal – now you don’t have to be born with it

Granted, these are not the most amazing photos I’ve taken, but decided to post them up to brighten up your day. I encountered these rather wonderfully titled products while on my trip to Nepal.

My favorite is the description of Sex Appeal which claims that women will be attracted to you at will. ‘Man can never have enough’ apparently. I have no idea how it smells, but it reminds me of this clip from Anchorman:

Happy Thursday.

Cats, internet and photos – what’s not to love?

It’s dawning on me that I’m slowing becoming The Crazy Cat Lady. Recent gifts included a lot of kitty-related products (which I was delighted to receive), so when my flatmate told me about an exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery about the little critters and the internet, it was always going to be a winner with me.

In 2008,  American media scholar Ethan Zuckerman said:

Web 1.0 was invented to allow physicists to share research papers. Web 2.0 was created to allow people to share pictures of cute cats.

This relates cute cats to the seriousness of digital activism. If you want to know more, Cory Doctorow explains about the cute cat theory in his piece for The Guardian. But back to the furry little balls of purr..

‘For the LOL of Cats’ looks at our obsession with felines and showcases some of the internet sensations that has made us lol and ‘ahhh’.

For starters, the exhibition includes this history of I Can Has in diagram form. It really is something (especially the flashing gifs. Do not view if you’re on drugs. You may freak out). Then there was a Flickr group which has completely bypassed me called Somebody Else’s Cat which features some hilarious photos of, you’ve guessed it, somebody else’s cat. The group started because of a memo saying there was too many cat photos on Flickr.

Basically a lot of cat pictures are flashed up on The Wall. There’s not much to say really. It was fun to while away 15 mins and worth going if you’re into felines.

To get you in the mood, here’s a my favourite cat-related video:

And here’s something that makes me giggle without fail – breaded cats.


And here’s current interweb sensation – Grumpy Cat


Be quick though. The ‘For the LOL of Cats’ ends this Saturday.