Lomo walk in Brighton

Last year Lomography came to Brighton and let us play with their various cameras and film. I settled on the LCA and a red scale film. By accident, my local photography shop played around with the colour, as they didn’t realise the film that I used. I quite like what they’ve done.


53 thoughts on “Lomo walk in Brighton

  1. randompandarawr

    Wow I love it. I had a similiar thing happen when I tried to print a black and white picture once. I didn’t realize my ink was low on black so it substituted different colors for it. Looked a little like these actually…

  2. Neat! I spent the first half of the year studying in Brighton and seeing these shots just makes me smile. Wonderful place and stunning photos (even if the color was an accident!) – thanks for sharing! šŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks šŸ™‚ I got it developed at my local photo shop and got them to scan them onto a disk for me. I should really buy a scanner. It would save me a fortune! Let me know how your film experiments go.

    1. Cheers. I shot it on Lomography’s red scale film, which makes it look orange anyway. As far as I know, my local photo shop developed and printed it as a colour film. As the helpful developer hadn’t really seen this before, he tried to correct it. I think he did a good job.

  4. matthewcro

    I lived near Brighton and spent most of my childhood there. Seeing the pier and sea front, even after so many years and visiting it on rarer occasions (after moving away due to uni/work), is always a treat and I always enjoy a walk along the seafront (I proposed to my wife in front of the West Pier!). These photos have turned out brilliantly, great to see it in a different light (excuse the pub!)!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Where did you live? I was over East Sussex way, and like you, have spend many, many days there. There’s something about the West Pier that’s really sad – but is very much an icon of Brighton now. I remember when it was burnt down and parts of the pier was being washed up on the beach. Obviously it holds very special (happy!) memories for you.

      1. matthewcro

        I lived in a small town south of Tunrbidge Wells (about 20 minutes from Lewes). I was at school when the pier burnt down, we could see the smoke from it (we were very clsoe to the seafront). I was too young to appreciate it, but as I’ve grown older and heard more about the pier it kind of makes you miss it, considering it was purely designed as a theatre. The West pier is nice, but dosent have the same appeal as the East one once did.
        Then theres the Palace Pier, and I doubt think theres anyone around who remembers that one!

      2. I know Tunbridge Wells – very nice! From time-to-time I also worked in Lewes for bit. It is a shame about the West Pier, but it’s way beyond repair now.

        The Palace Pier is still around though – it’s the working one near Madeira Drive. That’s a fun place to go down and photograph.

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